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Safety Products- Gloves, Hand Cleaner, Eye protection, Full Body protection Ink & Coating Handling: Storing, Mixing, Dispenisng, Measuring Maintenace & Shop: Clean-Up Supplies, Shop Supplies, Shop Lighting, Static Control, Shop Safety, Equipment Maintenance. Curing Controls: Speed Monitors, Temperature & Air Monitors, UV Radiation Dose Monitors, Degree of Polymerization, Film Thickness Controls, Physical Test Equipment, UV Inspection. Curing Equipment: Laboratory Curing Equipment, Small Area Curing Equipment, Low Intensity UV Lamps, Replacement UV Lamps, UV Curing Equipment. Printing Supplies: Screen Printing Supplies, Squeegee and Accessories, Applicators, Screen Making Supplies, Screen Cleaning Supplies, Offset Printing Supplies, Graphic Arts Supplies, Color Inspection, Pantone Products, Bench Magnifiers, Folding Magnifiers, Lighted Magnifiers, Swivel-Arm Magnifiers, Microscopes, Graphic Arts Supplies.
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Amber Filter Material Now in stock in both adhesive, non-adhesive, and filter sleeves

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Dyne Testing Pens in several styles

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UV LED Cure-All: New UV LED Lamp


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New method to determine optimum LED for Curing

UV Intensity Labels for easy dose Measurement:

UV FastCheck Strips
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UV Process Supply, Inc. founded in 1979 with the goal to service the growing UV Curing market. At that time there were only companies producing UV coatings and/or Inks, and UV Curing equipment. The realization was that it took more than these two components to do a process. What else is needed to create a successful application? With that five product categories were created to address the problems associated with the physical properties of the process.

Safety Products was the first category, and hand cleaner was the first product. Most waterless hand cleaners are made with mineral sprits, and that solvent used with acrylates can lead to skin problems. We created a waterless hand cleaner that was oil based rather than solvent based. Next was our skin lotion, which contains aluminum hydroxide able to neutralize the acrylic acid based coatings. Gloves were all tested with the most popular monomers to insure that they would provide proper protection when used with clean up solvents.  Thus we do not carry vinyl gloves as they do no not provide proper protection with UV Coatings and inks.  Barrier creams were a natural requirement as they present additional protection especially around finger nails and under rings, where inks might collect unnoticed. In the area of eye protection, all products are rated based on the ability to filter UV light. Even our splash goggles filter UV as to always insure optimum protection.

Ink and Coating Handling is our second category and represents two features associated with the process. First is safety related; that if you can pump the coating, there is less physical contact with the material that can cause a problem.  We learned to specify the proper pumps for UV Curing from customer experience.  They learned that if they were using a piston pump, it would seize, when the friction of the piston would cause minute polymerization on the interior wall of the pump.  So the pumps need to be either double diaphragm pumps or peristaltic. All wetted parts in the pump product line has been soak tested in the popular monomers to insure that there would be no swelling or adverse effect on the pumps life. Storage containers need to be able to provide oxygen as it prevents jelling and curing in the container, black polyethylene containers are the best way to store UV inks and coatings. Metal should not be used. To offer a full line of UV appropriate products we have selected from each of our suppliers the best for UV Curing products. Keep in mind that we have access to hundreds of other products from these vendors which may not be considered Best for UV, and we can provide them at competitive pricing.

Maintenance and Shop Products is category three and starts with our filter materials; UV light comes in from windows and from fluorescent lamps and many warehouse lamps. We have a full selection of filtering materials to create a UV free the work area. Floor mats should never have vinyl as the UV coatings will melt them. Our floor mats are all rubber and will stand up to any drips of coating or inks.  Keeping the lamps and reflectors at their optimum will insure proper curing and prevent problems. All of these products have been developed to prevent problems in production or laboratory environments.

 UV Test Equipment are essentially any tools or other apparatus that are used to analyze, monitor, or diagnose curing variables so we can have control of the process. We offer the largest selection of Radiometers anywhere in the world representing the best instruments available. Surface testing of plastics offers Dyne Pens, Dyne Solutions, Dyne Liquids able to be ordered easily on line. The large range of products are designed to address the many different curing applications which have emerged in the market.

UV Curing Equipment is just that, equipment most of which we have designed and built. Our LightHouse products offer a unique approach to the focus of the lamps. The principle was to create a lamp housing which would optimize each function associated in delivering light to product to be cured. The efficiencies of the reflector have shown a significant improvement. We also have developed a Dual reflector housing ideal for the curing of 3-D products.

Printing Supplies represents products that are specifically needed in the printing markets like Flexo, Screen, Offset, Gravure, etc. While this category was initially designed around the properties of UV Curing, it has evolved into a large selection of general print supplies. We learned early on that many customers who do UV printing also do traditional printing and would prefer a one stop shop for their supplies.

This web site represents a quarter century of acquired knowledge, market information, and relationships with our customers.  The product collection offered in this web site is our largest and most complete ever.  We offer complete product lines for many of our most popular product categories.  That is, if you need it, we have it.  And if you dont see it, we will help you find it or we will get it!  Its that simple. 

Our customers have made requests for new products, better access to information, and aggressive pricing.  We have listened to you and we have responded.

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